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  • Simpli Allergy - Simplifive Health
  • Simpli Allergy - Simplifive Health
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When it seems the environment is out to get you, we’ve got your back.

What it is: Nasal, respiratory, and skin discomfort don’t stand a chance against our simpli Allergy. This orange-flavored chewable can help your teen fight discomfort caused by environmental sensitivities.

Why it’s so special: No other formula on the market combines all of these well-researched nutrients in one great-tasting chewable:

  • Quercetin. This water-soluble bioflavonoid supports cell membrane strength. That means it can support the body in making good decisions about reacting to irritants. Quercetin can also help keep histamine levels within a normal range.
  • Bromelain. If you need swelling and discomfort to go down, bromelain can hook you up. It helps the body absorb quercetin, too.
  • Perilla seed extract. This goodness yields polyphenols, rosmarinic acid, and luteolin. This extract’s active components can support people with histamine-related discomfort. Skin irritation, sneezing, stuffy nose, eye irritation, and runny nose better look out. Phlegm? We’re coming for you, too.
  • Vitamin C. This powerful antioxidant works well with quercetin. Together, they can help support proper immune and respiratory functions.
  • Dimethylglycine. This methyl donor fights damage from free radicals. It can also support respiratory function by promoting circulation and use of oxygen in lung tissues.

Why we love it: Allergies are the worst. And when you’re part kid, part adult, finding relief can be tough. That’s why we created simpli Allergy. It contains ingredients to keep histamine levels in check while also encouraging the immune system to, you know, not freak out over every little thing. Say goodbye to that itchy, stuffy, phlegmy discomfort!


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