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  • Simpli B12 - Simplifive Health
  • Simpli B12 - Simplifive Health
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Does your teen eat a lot of veggies? No? No worries.

What it is: This might seem like an innocent cherry-flavored chewable. But our simpli B12 Folate kicks it into high gear with vitamin B12 and the most active, bioavailable forms of folic acid.

Why it’s so special: Folates aren’t hard to find. Folates that are active, stable, and highly bioavailable are another story. Our simpli B12 Folate does it right:

  • Methylcobalamin. This is the active form of B12. The body doesn’t have to convert it, so it can start working right away.
  • Quatrefolic®. This is new generation folic acid. The body can easily use and store it and it’s been shown to be more bioavailable than other kinds of folic acid. Quatrefolic is absorbed mainly in the small intestine, which ensures more of the folate is absorbed.

Why we love it: Cellular health, heart health, and nerve function all depend on B12 and folate. But many of the folates found in food are unstable and rapidly lose activity during food processing and storage. So, folate deficiency is actually pretty common – and can be a real problem for teens who may be struggling with nutrition or eating disorders. Our simpli B12 Folate doesn’t mess around – it’s stable, the body can absorb it easily, and it tastes great. Wins all around!


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