The Eye-Opening Seven Health Benefits of DMG

The Eye-Opening Seven Health Benefits of DMG

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If you have spent much time on the website, you learn quickly that, first and foremost, we are parents. Passionate parents united by a conviction that our children are fantastic, active, developing human beings that don't get the nutrition they need and, well, they aren't wild about swallowing pills either. 

There are times during our journey that we have discovered nutritional supplements that have the potential to transform a part of our parenting journey. One such discovery, which has been transformational for us, has been Dimethylglycine or DMG for short. DMG is known as a metabolic enhancer in that  it's been found that DMG makes cells function at a higher efficiency, a "super-catalyst" that seems to boost the metabolic pathways. But that's the tip of the ice berg. Check out the following list of benefits of DMG!

Seven Eye-Opening Health Benefits of DMG

  1. Enhancing Metabolic Function - When taken as a supplement, DMG aids in the production of the building blocks used to create hormones, key vitamins, and nucleic acids for DNA and RNA repair.
  2. Supporting the Body Under Stress - DMG supports the body under stressful conditions by improving immune response, enhancing energy and supporting mental alertness.
  3. Finding a Balance - In addition to helping the body regulate and manage stress, DMG improves efficiency in how cells function, whether they're in the brain, heart, kidneys, or liver.
  4. Enhancing Energy Levels - DMG is valuable in sports medicine practices for athletes and patients seeking greater endurance because it improves muscle recovery after strenuous activity.
  5. Managing Cardiovascular and Heart Health - DMG has an impact on normalizing cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  6. Boosting Brain Function - DMG supports the body's production of creatine and phosphocreatine, which fuel energy within the brain and curb mental fatigue.
  7. Bolstering Immune Function - DMG can be especially beneficial for patients with immune deficiencies. This tremendous resistance builder enhances the body's natural protection against bacterial, fungal and viral diseases.

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Having seen the wonderful benefits of DMG in the lives of our children, this was a product effort that we did NOT take lightly. You find DMG as a central component of our  SimpliFocusTM product among a carefully formulated combination of essential vitamins and minerals needed to foster optimal development in growing teens. 

Does your teen have challenges concentrating? If they do, give SimpliFocus TM a try. It harnesses the natural nutrients that can support balanced behavior. Just half a tablespoon three times a day with meals can help your teen be their best! If you pick up a bottle of SimpliFocusTM today, we are glad to give you 15% off with the Discount Code: DMGFORME15 for trying it out on checkout. We look forward to hearing how it works for you! 

Oct 9th 2019 Tony Vargas

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