Simpli Multi V - Simplifive Health

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  • Simpli Multi V - Simplifive Health
  • Simpli Multi V - Simplifive Health
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A well-rounded multivitamin formulated for teenage boys and girls and can provide you middle school or high school student with simple yet strong nutritional foundation.

What it is: Our SimpliTM Multi V is a fruit punch-flavored multivitamin. Sweetened with stevia, you can mix this amazing powder into drinks or food.  The best supplement for active kids.

What’s so special: The formulated multivitamin comes with five huge wins:

  • Methylated B vitamins. Most multis have standard B vitamins. But your teen can process our activated versions quickly and more efficiently.
  • Bioactive folate. Some teens have trouble converting regular folic acid into folate. We’ve cut out the middleman with folate that’s already active. It can be especially helpful in supporting attention span.
  • Mega curcumin. Our special curcumin formula is absorbed by the body 46 times better than standard curcumin. This compound can support digestive health, brain function, and inflammatory response.
  • Pro- and pre-biotics. Bacillus coagulans, inulin, and fiber can support digestive health, good gut bacteria, and healthy bowel function.
  • Pure Natural Ingredients. Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegetarian and without the massive amounts of sugars found other brands.

Why we love it: Teens don’t always make the greatest nutritional choices. And when they’re on medications that might impact appetite, you’ve got a recipe for deficiency disaster.  SimpliTM Multi V covers the nutritional bases and tastes great. We have no problem getting our offspring to take this supplement!


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