Simpli the FAQs


You have questions, we have answers.  

About Simplifive Health as a company:

1. Is Simplifive Health a type of multi level marketing (MLM) company?  Is Simplifive Health going to ask me to "join" and then have me push products on my family and friends?

Answer:  No. We get this question a lot and we understand the reasons why, but we can confidently tell you that we are absolutely not a multi level marketing company and we will never ask you to "buy in" and expect you to sell to your family and friends. 



We want to earn your business and referrals by delivering great products and service.  We carefully invest our time finding and developing the best products to ensure long terms value for our customers, instead of spending all of our time pitching everyone on how to become an elusive MLM millionaire.     

2. What is Simplifive Health? Are you a franchise of some larger company? 

Answer:  No. We are small company (with a huge heart!) dedicated to finding the best and most essential vitamins and supplements for optimal health.  Our position is that everyone should be eating a healthy diet, but when that isn't happening or can't happen, we want to be your first choice in bridging the gap to support your nutritional needs.

3. Why create Simplifive Health when it seems like there are so many other Vitamin/Supplement companies out there? 

Answer: We believe we are better.  We started out just like every other parent who is trying to help their families lead more health lives. Our founders have and have raised teens with unique needs. Kids who hate swallowing pills. Kids who maybe don’t get all their nutritional needs met. Kids on meds that may interfere with a healthy diet. As parents, we have also struggled with the crazy schedules and realized that our own needs may not have been met on a daily basis. 

We were looking for natural ways to boost our families overall health – with no fillers and no sugar. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack of artificial colors, gluten, and unnecessary junk.

This journey has led us to realize that we needed to go to the source. Now, we partner with the folks who can create what we needed. We work with people who are just as dedicated to incredibly pure and highly bio-available supplements made with integrity and superior quality. This means Simplifive products are as natural as we can get them.

Our families are thriving. And we want to share what we’ve discovered with the world. Proper nutrients are crucial for physical and cognitive well-being, and Simplifive Health is excited to make them accessible to everyone!

4. Do I need "personalized vitamin/supplement solutions" that are based on my DNA or other tests. That's better right?

Answer: Unlikely.  If you feel like you need a test that is going to tell you nutrients you need and what vitamins to take, then you should see your primary care doctor.  Why?  Because they are in a unique position to provide you with an answer and advice without trying to sell you anything.  Makes sense, right?

Bottom line: It is our goal that you and your family get the bulk of your nutritional needs from the quality foods that you eat.  If you are not able to do so or have special nutritional needs, simple is better and we can help.   

About Simplifive Health's Vitamins and Supplements:

5. How is Simplifive Health able to bring these pure and natural products to market?  (Ok, that wasn't exactly how the question was asked but you get the idea.)

Answer: We have worked over the past two years aligning ourselves with companies across the United States that are committed to and meet stringent laboratory standards while keeping with our mission to provide the best product available on the market. As a result, our products are as natural as possible and are guaranteed to contain no artificial flavorings, preservatives, colors, sweeteners or other foreign agents unless otherwise stated on our labels.  

6. Why do you seem to be so focused on Powders, Chewables, Liquids and Sprays and the primary modality?

Answer: Two reasons. The first is because we were initially focused on our families and our own kids did not want to take pills.  So our kids dictated how the products would be delivered. 

The second reason is because powders, liquids, chewables and sprays are better and more quickly absorbed by the body which can be ideal for teenagers who are growing. 

We will be adding other forms of modality, as we launch our other lines.  Stay tuned.

7. If you are going to launch other lines, why did Simplifive Health start with Teenagers?

Answer: It's actually very logical.  There is so much going on in the teenage body and importance of good nutrition is paramount to their physical and cognitive development.  Many teens that are on ADHD medication find that they have reduced appetites that prevents them from establishing a healthy relationship with food.  Other teens pack their schedules so full of activities that they barely see the light of day and that makes meal time more about squashing hunger than it does about proper fueling. 

Let's face it; most teens don't eat right and it is the most important time of their growing lives.

We are planning multiple lines for the entire family. Stay Tuned.  

What else should I know about Simplifive Health? 

7. Simplifive Health brings only products to market that are as natural as possible and are guaranteed to contain no artificial flavorings, preservatives, colors, sweeteners or other foreign agents unless otherwise stated on our labels. This is core to how we are and what we believe. 

8. We are just like you.  We are constantly searching for the best vitamins and supplements, fully knowing that products containing everything under the sun are most often not the best for you.  The same goes for the current designer vitamins fad.

Instead, we choose to align with professionals who take a more pragmatic approach to vitamins and supplements with the believe that they are not a substitute for a health diet. There are numerous reasons you may choose or find that you need additional nutritional support.  In those cases, Simplifive Health is here for you.  

10. We have a strong desire to give back and support the endeavors of our customers in the communities that help sustain us. We will do so in inclusive, diverse, non-political ways.  We wish to make a positive difference.  More importantly, we are open to suggestions.  Let us know how you think we can accomplish our mission. 

If you have read all the way to this point, then you should register at in the upper right hand corner of the home page.   Once you've created your account, email: and let us know that you read the FAQs and want to become one of our favorite customers and we will give you a $20 credit on your brand new account. 

Oh yeah, and 11. another reason Simplifive Heath is so different... we like, scratch that: LOVE!, to give away free stuff to our favorite customers.  ;-)